Half Swiss, half Swedish.
Born in Arosa in 1978.

Some call me a Key Note Speaker, an artist, a wild one with heart and I am for sure someone who is addicted to CREATE.

I create speeches.

I create art. 

I create thoughts and ideas.

I don't give any advice, I just tell stories and what works for me (maybe it works for you too...?). Thanks to my mindset and style of life, I have a good life. And you?

Anna Jelen, the time expert, keynote speaker, artist, painter, writer, who creates moments in her laundry room by painting pictures next to washing machines.

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This is what I am working on and thinking about right now

First of all, you might wonder what is a “now” page.
Let me explain: my now page tells you what I am focussing on right now.
Like this, you know if I am available to give speeches or if I am working on something that needs my full attention.
Last Update: 4th of July 2022

"I believe I'm needed somewhere else." 

That's what my Dad wrote in one of his last letters to one of his best friends. A few days later, he went there - wherever this is. Maybe he is sitting on a star, watching us. Or perhaps he is here right now? Or just floating around in space. 

I still can not believe he is gone, and my heart is bleeding.

Some say there are five stages of grief. Some say there are seven stages of grief. I believe I'm in stage number 1. Wow....a lot to come.

But I'm not here to write about my sorrow, not today. Maybe one day, I can look at this topic with different eyes. Today I'm here to update you on my work.

CREATIVITY always saves me 

I'm a lucky girl that my creativity always saves me.

And my work is all about creating. In the past, it was about creating workshops. Then I started creating speeches. Suddenly we created YouTube Videos. Then I fell in love with creating podcasts (you can find them everywhere). And then I wanted to write a book.

So I started writing it. But then I had another book idea. So I also started writing that and left the other one in the corner. Then I had another book idea. And another one.

GOOD NEWS - I'm writing again

Yes, I have four book projects and please don't tell me that this is a bit too much... I know. But my soul wants this, so it gets this: full creativity load. I can not tell you which one will come out first, but I'm on it again, and this feels like good news. To my loyal book-buyers, you will get more than just a book because your patience must get a reward. 

CHANGE and new new new things

I need novelty in my life. With Dad's passing, it's not even thinkable to continue like before. This is a new chapter. And the first change has already happened: I have moved my office to another place.

THE office

It's Dad's photography archive, meaning I am surrounded by pure art.

This picture shows you only a fraction of the number of photos he took. It's incredible. 

The office could be called a bunker because it looks like it. But here is the thing: I'm surrounded by pure art and treasures. 

I can not be in a better place than here. My creative mind jumps with joy, and when I wake up in the morning, I rush out of bed to get back down here. 

The first hours I will write, that's where my soul wants to dive into stories and words and thoughts. 

If I need a break, I take one of the thousands of envelopes, and I look at 36 photos and am in awe. Whenever I find a "shot" (a spectacular photo), I will look at it, and my mind will create stories about the image. I can not beg for more creative thoughts. It takes me far away, and I love that. 

Then I will work on upcoming events and projects that need much attention. 

I also have a "photo-art-speech-project" in my head, where I combine the three different worlds of Jelen's art. A few brainstormings are yet needed. I will keep you updated. 

And then, after all my work, guess what; I will paint. ​

In this stage of grief, you can not imagine how thankful I am that something bigger connects me to my creativity. It keeps me alive and makes me advance. It's magical. 

And suddenly the sadness comes through again, and the tears will flow. 

Future projects - bella Italia

One of my future projects includes going to Italy. 

Therefore I need to learn Italian. If anyone knows a good language school in Italy, let me know! Thank you.

In the future, I will combine the arts I'm surrounded with: Photos, painting and storytelling. I will let my intuition take me wherever it will take me. 

I am looking forward to this particular trip. 

Thank you for reading. Whatever I create, I hope I might be able to inspire you somehow. 

Take care. 

Yours, anna

The photo below: my sister Siri's dog named Anton. His buddy Charlie also went away just a few days before Dad joined him. We are lucky to have the gift of smiling and laughing. Sometimes even in very hard times. 

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