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This was the start. If I only had known.... Hahaha! 

It was the 16th of February, late afternoon, after having talked to my Psychologist who helps me manage Dad's illness. In the end of the talk, she asked me: "So what are you up to now Miss Jelen?" 

My answer was: "I think I would like to paint."

I strolled around the apartement, but did not find an ideal art corner... Not much later, I found THE place: my atelier is in the corner of the laundry room, which of course is not the best place to paint (next to newly washed laundry), but my neighbours have gotten used to it. :-) 

It makes me happy and I still just paint because I love the process. The result is not important for me, but if someone likes it, that's fine with me. 


And one of my best friends who has been at my side more than ever in those times, wanted to have this first piece, so he was my first buyer. 






Two hearts on a bag

600,00 CHFPreis
    • Date: 16th of February 2022
    • Materials: Acryl on canva
    • Framed: not included
    • Status: for sale
    • Dimensions: 68x102x0.3 cm (w/h/d)
    • Owner gets a certificate of authenticity
    • Condition: new/excellent
    • Signature: included
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