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Where like-minded people meet.


This is the best I have done: my Member's Club. Become one of them!


My Members are wise, funny, gorgeous and we are connected.

We meet once per month on Zoom and someday I will make a big party where we all meet.

Every online workshop I do is free for you as my Member.

My "Have a good day" audio program

The Have a good day audio program is a must, it offers you rituals in the morning, during the day and at night so that you are solid as a rock in all circumstances during your day.

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Photo of Anna Jelen's Have a Good day programme, exclusively for members

What's in the members club

Every month a Zoom meeting

Every month you have keynote speaker Anna online!

We talk about topics like: 

  • Praise, criticism and feedback

  • Morning Rituals

  • Regrets in life

  • What it means to have a break

  • Creating moments in everyday life

  • The benefits of the past, the present and the future

  • How rituals help in difficult times 

And so much more! 

Video Courses

Some short video courses. 

My "12 Lessons Learned"
Audio Programm

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Multi-topic-podcast-episodes about: 

  • Friendship

  • the darkness-experience

  • icebaths

  • taping-your-mouth-at-night

  • about saying no

  • not making any promises

  • how to handle other's expectations

  • winning and losing

  • talking to strangers

  • titles and identity