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A reflection on timing

Another day, another Thursday, another episode about TIMING.

A little outtake:

"There are different ways to look at timing.

In my case:

I work on a few different projects simultaneously. Each is a vessel of my boundless creativity that keeps me awake and gets me out of bed every morning, and that's the kind of creative I am; I must start whatever comes to my mind, but sometimes the timing isn't right. That's when I set it aside until the right moment arrives, and I feel the urge: I got to do this. And there will be no overthinking, and I just do, then the current carries me, the flow is there, and it becomes easy. Very easy to do it. That's when the timing is right.

And in hindsight, you realize that your decision to just do it brought you something unexpected - sometimes, it even triggers a series of events!"

Duration: 12 minutes


Hugs, AnnA

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