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Digital Minimalism tools

Hi, I'm Anna Jelen, also called The Time Expert, and my job is to raise awareness of how we spend our time. How we use our time. Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to another episode - it's lovely that you found your way to this channel.

Here is a little outtake for you dear listener:

" Here are the tips in short:

  1. Turn off all notifications.

  2. Use digital blockers like Rescue Time, Forest, and Offtime.

  3. Embrace monotasking over multitasking.

  4. Resist checking your phone for new messages.

  5. Delay responding to messages; control your time.

  6. Try a week without social media apps on your phone.

  7. Use social media strictly for business.

  8. Automate sharing across platforms for efficiency.

  9. Avoid checking emails or messages before bed and in the morning.

  10. Keep apps on your laptop to limit access.

  11. Occasionally leave your phone at home for a different experience.

  12. Take breaks from technology, even short ones, to reset habits.

  13. Consider using a basic phone for essential functions.

  14. Capture one photo a day for a meaningful yearly reflection."

Duration: 16 minutes



Work focused:

Enjoy and please share!!

Hugs, AnnA

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