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Episode 3 - The incredible life of Lilou: "About water, moments, fire and the love for life"

My dear listener,

this is just a reminder to be thankful for what's already there. And it's about the magical moments next to the sea. And it's also about the love for life and how thankful we can be when we wake up the next day and get another day gifted.

Here is a mini-outtake:

"Fire. And so I began to incorporate the element of fire more into my life. And then, when I stand there looking into the fire, it reminds me of my own fire. That I am allowed to fill everything I do with passion. That I can always release my inner fire and power.

The function of water is purification and regulation. It brings clarity and calm.

Fire, on the other hand, is a symbol of transformation, unbridled passion and for action.

I understand what the lady meant: contrasts bring balance."

Feel free to share if you like it, so that we can spread the love for life to others as well!

Duration: 15 minutes


Yours, Anna

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