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Exploring the joys of work

My dear listener,

work is a part of life. And work also contributes to our ability to have a fulfilled life. But this is only possible if we don't see work as an annoying necessity.

It's time to think about why you go to work.

A little outtake:

"The classical concept of work is changing. Which is a good thing.

To be busy isn't as fancy as it once was. We have several ways of working.

Today the younger generation wants to work less. And many of the older generations have a problem with that.

Also, technology and the digital world have brought us new possibilities, challenges, and obstacles, and we are still finding our way through them.

One thing stays the same:

We have years of hardcore learning when we are young: where we should get the work with the most learning possibilities, where we explore the world of work. Where we find out what's easy for us. We find out about our limits and difficulties. Where we hopefully make big mistakes and learn from them. Where we get thrown into cold water every time, we say yes to a new project."

Duration: 12 minutes

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Yours, Anna

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