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Finding peace in a hectic world

Lean back, take a break from the hectic pace and world and enjoy 15 minutes of reflections on how we could find more peace in a hectic world.

A little outtake:

"But on the other side, we are incredibly driven!

But does it make us happy? I would argue that the majority would say no.

So why are we so driven?

One factor could be competition.

We want to keep up with everything we see or have heard of - which is a lot! Just think about scrolling the Instagram page or whatever. You will be reminded every day that you could learn a new language, meditate 15 min a day, cook a new recipe, get leaner, therefore work out more, and buy that new book, and these are just a few examples.

And then, of course, you might see what the competition does and think, "Oh my god, I have to learn how to appear better on Instagram and get more followers by doing this and that." Oh it's hard to resist.

But where is the limit? And do you really have to?"

Duration: 15 minutes


Hugs, AnnA


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