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First Timers - inviting newness into your life

In this episode, Anna Jelen, The Time Expert, delves into the boundless realm of time and its profound connection to trying new things.

AI wrote the following about this episode:

She champions the idea that embracing novelty is not just an adventure but a pathway to self-discovery and growth. Anna shares her own journey of first-time experiences, from a spontaneous culinary adventure in Mexico City to the unexpected thrill of boxing, illustrating how stepping out of our comfort zones can lead to surprising joy and self-confidence. She encourages listeners to confront fears and the unknown, emphasizing that the true value lies not in perfection but in the journey and the lessons learned along the way. Anna's message is clear: inviting new experiences into our lives is not just about the activities themselves, but about the transformative impact they can have on our perspective, creativity, and resilience. Join her as she inspires us to explore, to dare, and to embrace the endless possibilities that time and life have to offer.

Duration: 12 minutes

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