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Do you know what makes me happy?

To be alive. That’s where my happiness begins and I don’t feel guilty anymore, feeling happy even in difficult times.

This is a little insight to my life philosophy, where I tell you about two attitudes that have always supported me.

A little outtake:

“Once, as a teenager, I was in a group with other people, and I remember that they weren’t happy. But I was. But I did not want to stand out. And I almost felt guilty about feeling good. So it was easier to say; yeah, it’s so shitty right now. A few days ago I heard, for the second time this week, someone saying, almost whispering into my ear: “Just between us, but I’m doing great, but one can not say so during a pandemic, can we?” Yes, we can and we should! If you are happy right now, remind others, that it is still possible to feel good. Life is too short to feel guilty about feeling good.“

Enjoy this episode about being alive. Until next week in your ear. Take care, AnnA

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