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GLASS HALF FULL - an interview of Steve Twynham with me

Last week I was interviewed by Steve Twynham from Inspire Radio. A great channel, with lovely hosts and top music! It’s a wide range of conversation and it was fun. I told him how I was born with a fascination for the topic time. And I tell a few personal anecdotes from my life. And why I believe that we need to disconnect as much as possible.

“I disconnect as much as possible.

I have firm limitation access to my mails, to the internet and my phone. It’s a considerable effort to break all the blockers I have installed everywhere. I can turn off the phone for days – knowing that I will not be reachable even for clients and they might get annoyed, but often I have to say, they are impressed because they would also love to do it. I do, and my business is still running.”

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