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INTO THE UNKNOWN - the Adventures of Tomorrow

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Today with a few words by the fabulous Hollie McKay - writer, world & war reporter.

A little outtake:

" If anyone would have told me what would happen in the last 5 years, I might have asked: can I do anything to change those circumstances? Can I do anything to avoid all this?

But it doesn't matter. It happened.

We'll never ever know what's waiting for us in the future. And that's a good thing. A perfect thing indeed. Because if there is misery, I don't think we want to know!

And if there is beauty, it's more beautiful to be surprised by it, isn't it?

Knowing the future, it would undoubtedly profoundly impact various aspects of our lives.

We would be less driven, make strange decisions, and surprise and spontaneity would diminish. And there wouldn't be unexpected moments! How terrible!"

Duration: 17 minutes


Hugs, AnnA

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