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Imagine a life without any surprises...

I know we like stability. We like the familiar. We love to know.

But what if we would give wonders and surprises a bit more time and space?

Wouldn’t that spice up our life a bit? Wouldn’t that be a nice change? It doesn’t have to be daily, but from time to time…

A little outtake:

“I often forget to be a bit more open to this, but about ten days ago, something happened, leading me to write this episode. Samuel and I sat outside on a bench, and we talked about life, how much we missed Sweden and considered big decisions. He had the idea to say: if this is a good idea, let the universe show us a sign. Or even better, I said; if this is a good idea, let an aeroplane fly over our village which shall land in Dubai. Samuel said it must be more unlikely. Like a military jet breaking the sound barrier, so we can hear a loud boom!”

Listen to this episode to find out what happened…

Call it coincidence, luck, wonders, psychological triggers or signs – for me; it does not matter. I find it amusing, touching and, yes, surprising.

Let’s stay curious!

Have a lovely week, and thank you for being here. I appreciate it.

Lots of love and surprises,


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