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Live Life Today

It's another day, my dear listener out there! And yes, I might be repetitive on this one, but oh dear me, I am with delight, because that's what I am, a reminder for you to live your life today, in case you have forgotten - which happens, by the way.

Duration 12 minutes

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A little outtake:


When was the last time - you decided to live?

When was the last time that you realized - that not everyone did wake up today like you did? That you got something granted - another day - which isn't for everybody.

I know it's absurd to say so, but do you know how many people die every day?

About 160,000 people every day. 1 to 2 deaths per second.

On the other side - we have an average of 390,000 babies born every day in this world.

We hear a lot of bad things happening in this world.

We don't hear as much of the positive things happening. But there are. Just look around you - what positive aspect did you experience yesterday or today?

I had a friend here who helps young girls in need and gives them horse therapy. So every time she spends time with them, she makes them happy. She is contributing to the happiness of others. That isn't shown in the news. But that happens every day at several times - all around us.

That's good news."

Duration of this episode: 12 minutes

Please enjoy and find me also here:

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