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Micro moments - daily delights

This is a perfect episode to start the new year with!

It's about something oh so simple but also oh so big. I love, and I live this. I wonder what you think about it. Let me know!

My dear ones out there, let me take the chance to wish you a wonderful, good start to the New Year! It's going to be a good year; I feel it.

I will be back in your ear at the end of January. Until then, I will be on an adventure far away. Take care of yourself and until very soon!

For now, enjoy your day!


Yours, AnnA

Here is a little outtake:

"Time is all about moments. In the end, it's all there is. The memory of experienced moments. And as I always say, the moments are everywhere—all the time. We need to have an adjusted pace to see them.

I celebrate the moments. This one, for example. I am sitting in my office. Candles lit. Nice smooth music in the background. I am wearing warm, thick socks. I'm drinking a nice chai latte - made by myself. The doggies are lying next to me, sleeping deeply. It's a beautiful moment. Later, I step into the next moment, aligning up to this one, but at the moment, I am fully in this one. Present." 

Duration: 10 minutes

Enjoy and share this episode with just one person if you like it. Your support will make this podcast channel stay alive and grow. Thank you!

Hugs, AnnA


  • For future podcast projects, I started working with the Label Diventa Music to use their gema-free music. It's a licence thing.

They have great artists - in this episode I chose a song by Spoq. You can

also find him on big music platforms.

  • Link for Sponsoring a podcast episode:

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