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The storm isn’t over yet, but I’m not afraid. Because I trust the captain. And the captain, that’s me.

Let me take you to the sea and let’s check your boat if you are ready to enter some storms.

Because it’s like life. And this year, I believe the ones who are stable within had an easier year than the others. My question is, my dear listener, what do you do, to be stable within? And are you ready for all the weathers? And never think that you are out there all by yourself – oh no! We are all in this together! And if you do capsize, do not worry, someone will catch you. You might not see them, but there are captains everywhere cruising next to you.

Perhaps even our routes will cross one day.

A little outtake:

“But there are different ways on how to encounter a storm on the open sea. Imagine, you are sitting in a little wooden rowing boat heading out to the deep water. The weather is fine, and you feel all secure. But as in life, the weather can change. Fast. You hear how the wind is sneaking up on you. Wind gusts hit your little boat. You lose balance. You stagger, but you don’t fall. Your heartbeat raises. You look at the horizon, it’s getting dark, and the storm arrives, and you are sitting in your little rowing boat, freezing and shivering in pure anxiety because you realize, that you have no idea what to do and: you have the wrong boat. How do you think, will this end?

That’s when I understand one thing: you can’t go out there if you can’t trust yourself. You can’t go out there if you can’t handle a storm.“

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