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New Podcast Episode: Do we live in a toxic society?

My dear listener,

I am so happy to announce, that I am back with my weekly Podcast episodes! EVERY MONDAY there will be a new episode. Are you with me back on board?

This week, I have been thinking about the question, if whether we live in a toxic society.

Here is a little outtake:

"I ask you, my dear listener: how can we accept certain things as normality? That a beautiful young girl will destroy her body to look like Barbie? And that there are doctors actually doing the procedures. Isn't it toxic that young people must live with the feeling that they are never good enough? Or that social media has made us less social, distracts us from important life goals, and reduces self-esteem. Things we all try to work hard on.

How can we just take all this as a normality?

Now I can't change the world, but the least I can do, also using this platform, is start conversations about life values. About the big questions: what is the purpose? How can we leave the world as a better place? How can we share kindness with one another? "

If you like my work, I appreciate if you share it with just one friend. Thank you!

Duration: 14 minutes

Enjoy and feel free to live your thoughts as a comment - so that we all can read it. Thank you!

Yours, Anna

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