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People Pleaser Part II

My dear listeners out there, this is part II of the People Pleasers Episodes. Welcome!

"Explore the art of balance in Anna Jelen's latest podcast episode. Dive deep into the nuances of people-pleasing, the power of saying 'no,' and embracing independence for a fulfilling life. Perfect for those seeking to enhance personal growth, establish healthier relationships, and master their time. Discover how to live in harmony, where every 'yes' and 'no' resonates with your deepest desires. Tune in to transform your approach to life and time management."


Duration: 20 minutes

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Happy Easter to all of you!

Unfortunately, I have forgotten about it - so I am at the office, writing and creating new stuff, and I love it!

And no worries, I have family and friends around - I am also socialising. :-)

Hugs, AnnA

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