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This episode is about reaching goals without chasing them and how important it is to eliminate impatience because it kills not only your creativity but it is a real danger for the goal you want to reach. Welcome, dear ladies and gentlemen.

A little outtake:

” You see, I have never been a future-oriented person. I was THE example of living in the here and now. That was my place to be. Sounds nice, huh? Well, wait for it; the second time I remember someone asking me this question; Miss Jelen, where do you see your company in one year was my marketing counsellor when I got started with my own business. Same answer here: I have no idea! With this attitude – you will gently push your business over the edge. There was no way around it; I had to learn, to have visions and goals. That was very difficult for me. As a young woman, my near-death experience and other losses taught me that life could end faster than you think. This realization made me stay in my now and only there – because I knew, that is where life happens.”

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