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Updated: Oct 31, 2022



The last year Samuel and I have been living on a little island without electricity and running water. This means; back to the roots, which feels more than good. It’s a good reminder to what is important in life.

A little outtake:

“Samuel and I have been coming here a few times, and we come here for several reasons. But above all, it’s about slow living and returning to the roots. Your life is happening right here and right now. The future does hardly exist. Another thing I highly appreciate: it’s not only slow living; it’s also a very simple life, meaning that the options are limited in every way. And that means you don’t have to choose. It’s the way it is, and it makes it easier. Your thoughts also get simpler: You have other thoughts in the morning when you get up: No worries about your to-do list because you are cold. You need to get the fire started. It takes you up to 15 minutes only to prepare the stove, it takes to 30 minutes until it gets a bit warm. The most important things that are on the grocery list are a box of matches, oil for the lamp and candles, otherwise, you will be in the dark. The choice of activities after work is very limited, like having a walk, swimming, sauna, raking leaves or repairing things. I think that’s still enough. Activities for the evenings: cooking, talking about life, making love, reading or writing or doing some evening stretching. Still clearly enough for me! Back to the roots.”

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