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This episode contains ADULT LANGUAGE.

To compare yourself to others makes you unhappy, I think we all agree, but still it happens again and again.

What can we do against this terrible feeling?

Just a short wish to start with: if you like what I do, may I ask you to share your favourite episode with only one person. That would be lovely.

A little outtake:

“Comparison, in any way, makes unhappy. But the worst part is this: It takes away the enjoyment of the process. How can it be fun to write a book if I only think: it’s not good enough. Zero fun! It shall not only be about the result, on the contrary, but the result is also only the bonus of your doing. The doing shall be fun and get all the attention. Imagine climbing a mountain. How frustrating if you climb two days without any enjoyment, just to experience 10 minutes of joy when you are on the top. Imagine you could appreciate the two days of climbing as well. The process often takes so much more time, so it’s worth it to get there that we can enjoy it.“

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