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Updated: Sep 17, 2022

A little outtake: “IMAGINE YOU HAVE NO INPUT COMING FROM THE OUTSIDE. No Netflix. No movies. No youtube. No newspapers. Nothing. The only distraction you have, are the fishes jumping out of the lake. Gooses are making noises flying high in the sky. A fox is screaming in the night. Your belly is roaring for food. An aeroplane in the sky. An eagle above the plane! Marie the duck. The question: will the mice be back? Additionally to the lack of information and distraction, you are all by yourself for most of the day. You are in silence. Without any input from the outside world, the inside world shows up. It’s like opening the door to the world of your emotions. Where your thoughts tell you what to feel and think, so does your heart, and oh dear, it can become loud in there! And no, you can’t close the door—your in.”

My dear reader and listeners, I hope you are all doing well. Sending you lots of love from the Island. Take care! AnnA

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