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The Transition Express - a dream about new chapters

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Hi, I'm Anna Jelen, also called The Time Expert. This episode is an outtake from a dream I had a few nights ago. Even if I try my best to explain the dream, I can't bring it to you as I would like to. You know how dreams are. But the questions in there - oh, they shook me up in a good way. Maybe they do the same to you.

So, grab a cup of tea, lean back and enjoy.

A little outtake:

"Anna. Sometimes, we choose to start a new chapter in life. But rarely. Whether life is good or not, the human being normally doesn't change. The majority doesn't like change; never forget that. But sometimes, life itself forces you to start a new chapter. Now look at you; you love and embrace those new chapters - but have you ever chosen one yourself? Or was it always life that had to interfere to make you change?"

I take a deep breath, look at the passing landscape, and think. Did I ever say, "It's enough! I am starting a new chapter!"


Duration: 14 minutes

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