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The unfiltered you

It's Thursday, and here is another episode. Directly sent to you from Sweden.


A little outtake:

"Looking outside, glued to the window, teardrops coming out of nowhere, running down my cheeks.

My breath - first gone and then pounding and forcing my ribs to move. All of it is a reaction of joy and bliss of being near one of my favourite elements.

Here I am. With the result that the ocean has on me. To be vulnerable. And unfiltered.

I am vulnerable to the energy overwhelming me - every single time, and sometimes, I almost forget how it feels. But then, when I'm here - I remember.

When I am here: my friends see it in my face. They hear it in my voice. Feel it when I'm close. I talk about :

The energy of oneself when there are no curtains drawn. The bubble is gone. Nothing to hide. No walls. When you are the pure you."

Duration: 12 minutes

Hugs, AnnA

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