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Three Two One - Badaboom.

This a sensitive topic today, and I am sure I will be called an idealist and annoy some people by saying I'm never stressed. Why can I say this? It's an attitude, a choice and a lot of work. Let's dig in.

Here is a little outtake for you dear listener:

"When you do 3.2.1. badaboom - you don't even have time to feel stressed - because you are in the mode of action. Action, baby, that's what counts. And it makes you happy - because you are experiencing eustress, the positive stress. There will be adrenaline-boosting your energy, increasing alertness and focus.

The release of dopamine will make you feel satisfaction.

That's the stress we want. This is motiving and beneficial."

Duration: 13 minutes


Hugs, AnnA J.

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