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In just 13 minutes I will talk about the misunderstandings of the meaning of life and how I finally found ways to „find“ it.

A little outtake: “There is this one big question. The question many of us fear and all different sorts of reactions have been monitored: people starting to tremble, others falling into the well of thoughts, some even throwing up, just by hearing this one question. Which is: „What’s the meaning of life?“ How is your reaction? Do you know, that I felt guilty for years when I came across this question and it also took me a long time to finally be in peace with it? It started in school, as a teenager, when our teacher told us, that we find the meaning of life by asking the question: “ What do I care about?“ Dear me. My mind was searching nervously for an answer. Suddenly it was my turn: “What’s the meaning in life Anna?” I looked at him with questioning fearful eyes saying: „to enjoy life, maybe?“ He laughed and told us, that it is more than that. I went home, thought about it, but never came up with an answer for myself, more than: to enjoy life. But yes, I felt guilty. Because now I believed, that the „meaning of life“ always has to be a contribution to something bigger.”

How did I find peace with this question? Listen to all of it and enjoy hopefully a meaningful episode. 😉 Take care and be safe. AnnA

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