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Wild and Abandoned

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

This is about breaking in to private property and re-living memories…... Kids: don’t do it, and if you do, be careful. Even better: take someone with you.

A little outtake: “And then I see bricks. A wall. A house. Or let’s say: once upon a time, it was the most stunning house I knew. But now, it was a ruin. I stand in front of a crumbling and abandoned house. Every glass facade and window is shattered, and the pieces of glass lie everywhere. I see graffiti, I walk over beer cans and a dirty brown sofa, and all I hear is the glass under my shoes, cracking. This makes me nervous because if someone is here, they can hear me. My heart is beating fast. I know I am doing something I shouldn’t do, but I am most excited to be there anyway. So I have a nice mixture of hormones going through my body.” Enjoy a few minutes of time-travelling. If you have any similar stories, please feel free to share them. Yours, A-N-N-A.

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