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WORDS - in a painting

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

I'm working on a painting called "blue words". The painting is blue, and there are words on it - simple as that. I have written about 1/3 of the text, and here it is, just for you. May I ask you, what is your favourite word? Let me know! Maybe I will put it on the painting. Enjoy these short 5 minutes where we think about "words".

The last few months have been a roller coaster.

My Dad has gone to another place, and I couldn't accept it - in the beginning. But fortunately, I have had a few new encounters that have helped me understand. It's still too early to say that I have fully accepted or understood, but I'm taking it day after day, and my creativity helps me. I have a few very interesting projects in my mind. Let's see if I have the strength and the confidence to get them going. If yes: it's going to be a wild ride. ;-)

Hope you are doing alright out there! I'm thankful to know, that some of us are very connected.

Hugs and lots of love, yours Anna

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17. Aug. 2022

J'adore !

Gefällt mir
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