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  • The book will be about time, freedom and about breaking concepts
  • Book will be available in German and English
  • The title isn’t set yet
  • The release date – in Anna’s word: when it’s ready

Anna’s Book

  • Read Anna’s blog where she talks about taking the decision to focus on writing this book.

    P.S. This is what readers and podcast listeners say: 

    „The idea about time has changed completely. I never feel, that I don’t have any time anymore.“

    „Hi Anna – I am really encouraged by your motivations. Thank you for bringing positivity into my life.“

    „Every morning I make my coffee and listen to your podcast. And WOW you make my morning!“

    „This podcast came into my life just at a perfect moment. Thank you so much for doing this and sharing your wisdom with us.“

    „I just love your podcasts! It is the rhythm of your speech, the entire sound makes me feels very comfortable and I feel like plunging into some very comfortable place, full of senses (values), and where I stay, because I want to hear some important messages – and I never leave ‘this place’ with empty ‘hands’ (metaphorical)). It always brings some useful tool for my life/time from this ‚staying-in-time’ with you.  THANK YOU!“

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