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Where like-minded people meet.


This is the best I have done: my Member's Club. Become one of them!


My Members are wise, funny, gorgeous and we are connected.

We meet once per month on Zoom and someday I will make a big party where we all meet.

Every online workshop I do is free for you as my Member.

My "Have a good day" audio program

The Have a good day audio program is a must, it offers you rituals in the morning, during the day and at night so that you are solid as a rock in all circumstances during your day.

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Photo of Anna Jelen's Have a Good day programme, exclusively for members

What's in the members club

Every month a Zoom meeting

Every month you have keynote speaker Anna online!

We talk about topics like: 

  • Praise, criticism and feedback

  • Morning Rituals

  • Regrets in life

  • What it means to have a break

  • Creating moments in everyday life

  • The benefits of the past, the present and the future

  • How rituals help in difficult times 

And so much more! 

Video Courses

Some short video courses. 

My "12 Lessons Learned"
Audio Programm

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Multi-topic-podcast-episodes about: 

  • Friendship

  • the darkness-experience

  • icebaths

  • taping-your-mouth-at-night

  • about saying no

  • not making any promises

  • how to handle other's expectations

  • winning and losing

  • talking to strangers

  • titles and identity

  • smartphone management

  • and living life fully. 

Photo of Anna Jelen's 12 lessons learned programme, exclusively for members

Question & Answers

I answer your questions. 

Exclusive articles
and podcast episodes

As a member, you have access to certain articles or podcasts dedicated exclusively to members.

Multiliguals Programms


Program in German and English. The monthly online speech are also in these two languages (German and English). The lectures are given on the same day, one after the other.

Hear It from The Members

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"I am always impressed by the quality content that Anna delivers ! "

The Membership is a place where I come a few times per week to learn new concepts, to reflect on my life and to connect with awesome people !

Fabienne Mürli

My Members Club explained in 3 minutes



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