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Half Swiss, half Swedish.

Born with the fascination of time.

Some call me a Key Note Speaker, an artist, a wild one with heart, and I CREATE.

I create thoughts and ideas.

I create speeches.

I create products.

I create art. 

I don't give any advice, I tell stories and somehow, these stories touch others.

Thanks to my mindset and style of life, I have a good life.


Anna Jelen, the time expert, keynote speaker, artist, painter, writer, who creates moments in her laundry room by painting pictures next to washing machines.

Events & Offers

I'm a Keynote Speaker. A creator. An Icebather. A wild one with heart.

Last Update: 26th of June 2023


I am based in Arosa, Switzerland, but I try to visit my sister & Co. at my other home, Sweden, as much as possible. I do a lot of ice bathing and cross-country skiing in winter, and I would like to dive under the ice in a frozen lake without a wetsuit or oxygen mask. I hear you, my dear friends out there! No worries, winter is over... which means; back to Golf and regular Swimming. It's less dangerous.

I am a Keynote Speaker, a good storyteller and someone who likes to ask questions and talk about time and life and everything that goes in there. 


I was happy when the last year ended. So many things had happened. I was losing the two men I loved the most: the death of Dad— and the departure of my husband. I must admit, I was pretty tired of 2022. 

So, I was happy to start the new year with new ideas, thoughts and an ongoing creativity flow. Luckily, my creativity never fails me.

The motto is: Focus. Create. Play.


MY APPROACH for the second half of 2023

Let me share them with you:

  • turning the weaknesses that limit me into strengths by developing skills I want to become better at

  • exploring the limits of my capabilities because I am pretty sure that I am only using a small percentage of my capabilities

  • be more courageous and bolder because I have nothing to lose



I love my work. It's what I do and who I am. 

Someone asked me a few days ago: "What would you do if you wouldn't do what you do right now?"

I thought. And I thought. And I thought. 

The answer is: "I would exactly do what I am doing right now." 


I am still in love with my podcast. I might have a few guests on it in the future. Let me surprise you. 

The new episode is online every Thursday! 

Some of
my clients:

Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 10.15.21.jpg

It is now possible to sponsor my podcast. This "little handmade" channel has more than 105'000 downloads and an average of 3000 listeners per month (increasing), and it will only get better. For a company, it's a great chance to get on board now to increase your brand visibility. 

And as a private person, you get to wish on a particular topic and support my podcast. For companies and private persons: 

find more details here.


I am still offering you to explore Mini-Darkness meditations here in Arosa, Switzerland.

If you want to know more about darkness retreats - here is an article from The Wall Street Journal, and I had the honour to be interviewed on that topic as well. Click on the picture to get the document. 



I am proud to tell you that I am working on a project for my Swiss audience. Yes - I'm finally doing it! Check out: - my SwissGerman Podcast! 

I MIGHT BE YOUR SOLUTION because I am good at: 
  • finding time

  • challenging the status quo

  • bringing good vibes

  • asking questions that will make you or your audience grow

  • telling stories and making people want to live their lives fully

  • inspiring you or your audience

I am pretty sure I have something for you in my services.

That's all for right now. Wherever you are, take care and enjoy! 



By the way: feel free to register for my Monday Blues Rebel Newsletter. A dose of inspirational thoughts before the week starts. 

Oh yes, I paint. A lot! Have a look.

Become a Member, and let's talk:

Once a month, my Members and I meet on Zoom, and seriously, for me, it’s such a special moment to see my dear Members. They are wise, funny and lovely.

Somehow we have found each other.

I love to share my ideas with you and listen to your thoughts and inputs.

Maybe this Members Club is something for you? Perhaps you would fit in? Want to try a free meeting once? Let me know!

Anna Jelen the time expert with an hourglass
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