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Half Swiss, half Swedish.
Born in Arosa in 1978.

Some call me a Key Note Speaker, an artist, a wild one with heart and I am for sure someone who is addicted to CREATE.

I create speeches.

I create art. 

I create thoughts and ideas.

I don't give any advice, I just tell stories and somehow these stories touch others.

Thanks to my mindset and style of life, I have a good life. Voilà.

Anna Jelen, the time expert, keynote speaker, artist, painter, writer, who creates moments in her laundry room by painting pictures next to washing machines.

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This is what I am working on and thinking about right now

First of all, you might wonder what is a “now” page.
Let me explain: my now page tells you what I am focussing on right now.
Like this, you know if I am available to give speeches or if I am working on something that needs my full attention.
Milano Home.jpg
Last Update: 22nd of November 2022


Look at the picture.

Right now, I am sitting behind the third brown door, next to Nayabasca, the plant I bought a few days after my arrival. For the first time this year, I can say that I am happy for a more extended period in a row, and holy moly, it feels good. 

Let's start with the story of why I am in Milano. 

January, February, March, and April: living with the fear of losing my Dad.

In May: sitting next to Dad in the palliative care department. He was writing something in his diary, and I just sat there, looking outside, when (a/my?) inner voice said: "Anna, you have to go to Milano."
And I sat there, thinking. Hmmmm, no, I'd instead go to Spain. And if I had to go to Italy, it would be something like Rome, Firenze, or Napoli, not Milano. But the inner voice is unmistakable: "Nope, you must go to Milano."
LESSON LEARNED: Don't even try to fool your intuition. 

I looked at Dad, saying: "I think I have to go to Milano one day."
He looked at me and said: "Well, yes. Go."
A week later, he passed on. 
May was a terrible month.

June, July, August, and September: I can only remember a few moments from these months, the rest is blurry and surreal, and I'm down on my knees. Interesting is, though: what I do remember: I remember being with friends. Sitting on sofas talking about life. I remember my wildest #laundryartsessions in the basement.

And I remember looking at my agenda and deciding that I have to go to Milano. 

In October, I packed my bag and went to Milano.

TODAY - 22nd of November
I am sitting in the kitchen of my tiny little apartment and working on my projects (see below). In 3 hours I will go to School. Yes. School! I am learning Italian, I have funny classmates and a great teacher - I love it! 

After school, I meet my new friends from Milano and am having a blast learning about the culture, food, people and history.

Coming here was the best thing I could have done. It brought me back to action. 
LESSON LEARNED: always listen to your intuition and do whatever it tells you! There is a reason behind it.

I will return home in December. Time to go back to my family. 💙

Let me present what I am working on: 


Another taboo in our society is death and grief. 

I want to talk about it and turned into a photo exhibition with an audio experience. Imagine you are standing in front of a black and white picture, wearing headphones, listening to a short story I wrote, where I try to beam you into the picture. 

Let me take you on a journey where we travel together through space, time, dreams, love, grief and what it means to live life fully. It might make you cry but also laugh. Because grief has many sides - even some extremely strange, bizarre and funny ones.

This is for companies that would like to book the exhibition for a period of time. If you want to know more about this, please get in touch with me via the contact form or email. 



How often do you go to bed thinking: I didn't do the things I wanted to do today?

We live in a world with many distractions. It's not always easy to be productive. Well, I have the solution: a 10 minutes phone call with me every morning before starting to work. You tell me what you would like to do today, and I might give you one or two tips or ideas, but the fact that you are telling me about your plans is the big thing. Productivity and focus will kick in. I have seen it. How about trying for a few days? If you want to know more about this, please get in touch with me via the contact form or email. 



This workshop is in GERMAN. 

DATE: 17th of February in Arosa

New stories. New ideas. New thoughts. 

All of them will be a good reminder for you to dive into this mysterious thing called life. 

It will remind you that life is happening right now. There is no later, no running after something. This is it. It's happening

right now. We will have much fun that day. 

In the morning, we will discuss the big topics of life, and after a good lunch, we will enjoy the Arosa winter wonderland. If you want to know more about this, please get in touch with me via the contact form or email. 


THUMBS square (1).jpg

And there is my friend Lilou. 

Lilou's story is about taking risks. Seeking freedom. Breaking concepts. Exploring sexuality. It's about monotony. Monogamy and Polygamy. It's about friendships.  Involuntary changes in life. Hitting rock bottom. Getting back up again. It's about creativity. Mortality. Magic. Intensity. Whisky. And Love Letters.

Just to mention a few topics.


It is for sure, that Lilou had an unconventional lifestyle. Often very wild, passionate and sometimes highly dangerous. I catch myself thinking: "Oh, come on, that's not possible." But the more I think about it, the more I realise it is just another way to live life, and she did, without any regrets. Sometimes I almost feel a bit envious because she has characteristics I would like to have a bit more of it. For example, she is sassy and rebellious. I like that.

But then, some of her life experiences scare me to death, and I wouldn't have the courage to do the things she did. Others of her adventures started occupying my mind until I also wanted it for myself and did everything needed to get there.

Lilous curiosity about life never left her. There was always this kid inside her, and you could feel it.

I would like you to feel it as well.


So let's see if I can bring a bit of Lilou's philosophy to you.

Enjoy a journey through life, including loss, grief,  magic, love and adventures.

Ladies and Gentlemen,that's all for right now. 

Wherever you are, I hope you are doing fine. If not, remember that this is also normal sometimes. 

It's life. 

All the best, yours


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Somehow we have found each other.

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Anna Jelen the time expert with an hourglass
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