Half Swiss, half Swedish.
Born in Arosa in 1978.

Some call me a Key Note Speaker, an artist, a wild one with heart and I am for sure someone who is addicted to CREATE.

I create speeches.

I create art. 

I create thoughts and ideas.

I don't give any advice, I just tell stories and what works for me (maybe it works for you too...?). Thanks to my mindset and style of life, I have a good life. And you?

Anna Jelen, the time expert, keynote speaker, artist, painter, writer, who creates moments in her laundry room by painting pictures next to washing machines.
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This is what I am working on and thinking about right now

First of all, you might wonder what is a “now” page.
Let me explain: my now page tells you what I am focussing on right now.
Like this, you know if I am available to give speeches or if I am working on something that needs my full attention.
Anna Jelen, the time expert, an artist, a keynote speaker in her painting phase of her laundry room

Last Update: 25th of February 2022

I’m in the middle of a transformation and this has an impact on my work.

Let me updated you my dear Member, Reader, Listener, Friend, Follower and Client with this article.

About me as a Key Note Speaker

It’s time to get back on stages and share ideas, thoughts, and good vibes. That’s why I am creating a new speech. Be ready for it. If you want to book me, write an email. Boomshakalaka. 


I want to mention, that I am honoured to be back at the She’s Mercedes event on the 27th of April in Basel. Remember last August in Zürich? Wow that was fun! Maybe you want to join? Here is the link to this event.


About my Members Club:

Once a month, my Members and I meet on Zoom, and seriously, for me, it’s such a special moment to see my dear Members. They are wise, funny and lovely.

Somehow we have found each other.

I love to share my ideas with you and listen to your thoughts and inputs.

Maybe this Members Club is something for you? Perhaps you would fit in? Want to try a free meeting once? Let me know!


About my book: 

It feels like a never-ending story. Sometimes I would like to quit and refund the crazy buyers who have already bought the book 🙂 but then I just know: I have no other choice than to write it. My heart tells me so.



About my Newsletter:

A few days ago, a friend named Sabrina told me that she misses my Newsletters. I do too. That’s why I started writing something and maybe next or the next-next Monday you will get it.


About my Podcast (which is my Newsletter in audio form):

same here, I miss it. See Newsletter.


About what I do very often:

As usual, I still do ice bathing (click here to listen to my episode about it).

And I go cross country skiing as much as possible. It’s my refuge and the place where I can air my brain and push my body to where it wants to go.

Arosa, the place where Anna Jelen lives the time expert

About what I do every day:

I paint again. And I need it more than ever.

The result is sometimes wild, sometimes tragically beautiful, sometimes colourful.... The result is never planned and just happens. 

When I paint, it’s only the process that counts. And the process includes noisy punk music and painting whatever comes out. It’s wild.

Also, I found the perfect place to do so: Imagine a laundry room you share with your lovely neighbours (family), based in the cave where it’s freezing cold, your art-corner, just centimetres away from the hanging laundry – sounds perfect, don’t you think?

I think so. I named it Annas’ corner.

My neighbours are getting used to it. Sometimes they come, hang around and chat about life. I only hear half of it because my music is so loud, but I believe they just need to speak and are happy when it’s out there. Just kidding, my dearest neighbours. I always listen.

Everything I am creating right now is named “the cave phase”.

Anna Jelen in her art corner, in the laundry room painting

About the “bad & sad moments” in life:  

We all know that however you feel, it influences your work.

I can’t hide that fact, and that’s why I will give you a minor personal and intimate update about how I feel so that you will understand why also my work might transform in some ways.

My Dad is going through a cancer stage that even I can’t look at with my optimistic eyes when seeing the computerized tomography scan. Still, we do not lose hope. I know there are wonders and magic out there.

But if you have been in a similar situation, you know that you shift from bad thoughts to hope, back and forth. Back and forth.


This is what I wrote in my diary a few days ago:

“I have been a happy kid for 43 years. I never lost my inner child; little Anna was always there.

Right now, I profoundly hope that she will not leave me. 


That’s what “hard times” or, as I always called it, the “bad & sad moments” do with you. You go through a metamorphose. 

And typically, I found that good. Oh yes, let’s transform!


Of course, I know that we change all the time. Every day. But this change feels so severe.

I feel like growing into an adult, and dear me, I don’t want to.

I’m scared of the new version of me.”


Every day brings new things. I switch between the “good” and the “bad & sad days”.

It is how it is.

But yes, life goes on. It helps to have obligations (my work). To walk forwards. My three dots make so much sense…

Anna Jelen the time expert with an hourglass

It continues. 

That’s good. 


There is so much more to say, but I will do so in my Newsletter.

And don’t you worry about me, I will keep me head up and I will always, no matter what, try to find beauty in everything.


This said, I truly hope that you are doing okay. Thank you for being here and all the support I get from you my dear ones out there. 

Take care and let’s enjoy life as much as possible. 

Yours, Anna