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Half Swiss, half Swedish.
Born in Arosa in 1978.

Some call me a Key Note Speaker, an artist, a wild one with heart and I am for sure someone who is addicted to CREATE.

I create speeches.

I create art. 

I create thoughts and ideas.

I don't give any advice, I just tell stories and somehow these stories touch others.

Thanks to my mindset and style of life, I have a good life. Voilà.

Anna Jelen, the time expert, keynote speaker, artist, painter, writer, who creates moments in her laundry room by painting pictures next to washing machines.

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This is what I am working on and thinking about right now

First of all, you might wonder what is a “now” page.
Let me explain: my now page tells you what I am focussing on right now.
Like this, you know if I am available to give speeches or if I am working on something that needs my full attention.
SC_500848_1000 (8) (2)_edited.jpg
Last Update: 2nd of March 2023


I was happy when the last year ended. So many things had happened. Losing Dad. Changes in my private life. I was quite tired of 2022, I must admit. But then something incredible happened. My Mum, Siri (my sis) and I were invited to go on "Dad's journey" to Uruguay. Let me explain: 

20 years ago, my Dad got asked by one of his best friends: "Do you want to photograph my life?" My Dad answered yes, and the journey with his friend began. He photographed his wedding, other adventures, and his trips to different countries and every year, they would go to Uruguay, where his friend had bought a place. Dad would spend 2-3 weeks there, all by himself, after his friend had left for work. Dad would wander around, sit at the table, write in his diary, think about life, photograph and just be. Next to Öland, where my sister lives, it was one of his favourite places to be. The photograph above is taken by him, Urs Jelen. 


That's where we went at the beginning of this year. I can not describe how strange it was to be there. To understand. To see. Swimming for kilometres and kilometres in the lagoon every single day was cleansing my soul. Something happened

I returned to Arosa and was energized. Filled with power and strength, I hadn't felt in a long time. 



This feeling has made me work on different projects. There are a few, I know, but I got it all under control. I'm The Time Expert, remember ;-)

Let me present what I am working on next to my work as a Keynote Speaker: 

  • monthly Members Zoom Meetings (EN & DE language)

  • THIS IS IT - Workshop in Arosa (23rd of June)

  • Hidden Grief - an exhibition you can book for your company if you dare ;) it's about death and grief

  • Productivity and focus - daily 10 min calls (I only work with 3 persons - there is one place left at the moment)

  • Darkness Mini Retreats - here in Arosa, and I am your guide for this experience

  • Monday Blues Rebel Newsletter - feel free to sign up! 

Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 11.18.12.jpg
Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 11.18.28.jpg
Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 11.18.41.jpg

If you want to know more about darkness retreats - here is an article from The Wall Street Journal, and I had the honour to be interviewed on that topic as well. Click on the picture to get the document. 



And I am proud to introduce you to Steph. For the last few years, she has been a friend, and now she is even my booking manager - so that I can focus on what I do best: create. It's going to be a wild ride! Read more about Stephanie Rovati. 


I will be back with more podcast episodes in the future. 


I am based in Arosa, Switzerland but try to visit my sister in Sweden as much as possible. I do a lot of ice bathing, cross-country skiing, and I would like to dive under the ice in a frozen lake without a wetsuit or oxygen mask. Hahahahaha - I hear you my dear friends out there! No worries, winter is over soon... which means; back to Golf. It's less dangerous. 

That's all for right now. 



By the way: feel free to register for my Monday Blues Rebel Newsletter. People actually love it. I am very thankful. 

Oh yes, I paint. A lot! Have a look.

Become a Member, and let's talk:

Once a month, my Members and I meet on Zoom, and seriously, for me, it’s such a special moment to see my dear Members. They are wise, funny and lovely.

Somehow we have found each other.

I love to share my ideas with you and listen to your thoughts and inputs.

Maybe this Members Club is something for you? Perhaps you would fit in? Want to try a free meeting once? Let me know!

Anna Jelen the time expert with an hourglass

Booking Manager: Stephanie Rovati 


 Phone: +41 79 845 37 70

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