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A life of a 100 years

Benjamin Franklin said: Some people die at 25 and aren't buried until 75.

What does it mean to live life? My Grandma died at 100 years old. 100 YEARS Ladies and Gentlemen!

Here is a little outtake for you dear listener:

"Yesterday, I had a conversation with an elderly man at my speech. I asked him: "What does it mean to you to live life? What does that include?"

He looked at me and said: everything you mentioned in the speech.

It's about your values. It's about knowing them and living up to them.

It's about how you treat others. It's about seizing the day. It's about celebrating everyday life. It's about being grateful for what's there. If you run after something, you might run past your life.

If you think I will be happy when I have made my first million. You will be satisfied for a millisecond, but then you will aim for 2 million, and you will never stop, and you will miss out on being a good companion to your loved ones."

Duration: 12 minutes


Hugs, AnnA

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