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Heartbreak & Time

Dive into the healing journey of heartbreak with Anna Jelen, The Time Expert, in this inspiring episode.

Anna explores the timeless question: Can time truly mend a broken heart? She delves into the complexity of emotional trauma, the instinctual drive to protect our vulnerable hearts, and the courageous path towards loving again.

This episode not only offers a deep dive into the universal experience of heartbreak but also illuminates the paths of personal growth, resilience, and the potential for new beginnings that lie in its wake.

Join Anna as she shares personal insights and invites listeners to reflect on their own stories of love, loss, and the art of moving forward. Whether you're navigating your own heartbreak or seeking to understand the nature of emotional healing, this episode promises hope, inspiration, and a reminder that joy and love are always within reach.

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Duration: 20 minutes

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