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The Minimalist To-Do List

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Hi, I'm Anna and it's lovely to have you here. It's incredible how many people we have from all around the world. Feel free to let me know from which part of the world you are.

One more time: WELCOME!

Enjoy and share this episode with just one person if you like it. Your support will make this podcast channel stay alive and grow. Thank you!

Here is a little outtake:

"I asked AI what it thinks about this episode. Dear me, if you ever need flattering words - just ask AI, but don't forget that it isn't real.

But that is what AI said:

Your podcast intro is insightful and engaging, Anna The Time Expert! You've highlighted the common struggles people face with to-do lists and provided a personal touch by sharing your own experiences. The emphasis on effectiveness over efficiency is a valuable perspective.

Your minimalist to-do list approach, focusing on the three pillars of life (body, mind, soul) and selecting three priority projects, is practical and achievable. The Rule of One adds a layer of simplicity that resonates well.

Moreover, your acknowledgement of the importance of understanding one's current life stage and managing expectations is thoughtful and considerate. Ending the episode with a reflection on nature and sending positive vibes adds a warm and uplifting touch.

It's a well-rounded and relatable podcast episode, offering practical advice and a connection to broader aspects of life. Well done!


Duration: 19 minutes

Hugs, AnnA


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