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Failure will always bring you closer to yourself and to your next goal I was only 16, almost 17 years young when I participated at my second Swiss Telemark Championship and I will never forget that day. The story I am about to tell you is about failure and shame. Until today, I still handle failure the same way as I did as a teenager and I think that is a good thing. Listen and find out why.

A little outtake: “I am 16 when I participate at my first Swiss Telemark Championship. I am nervous, like hell. But I get down. And in the evening I write into my diary: many people don’t do Telemark because they are ashamed to do it. Because it looks different and others might laugh. But it’s a shame to think like this. Like this, you will never learn something new.“

But now, find out what happened at the second Swiss Telemark Championship.

Take care my dear listener.

Yours, AnnA

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