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WARNING: This episode contains a short sound extract of a threesome intercourse. This episode is about different sounds, vibes, energies and the story about the singing ice.

A little outtake: “To crack and explode like this guy must be such a stressful moment for his whole nervous system, and I imagine these forceful waves shaking up all his cells in his entire body. Now we are talking about energies. About our inner vibes. And of course, this reminds me of Masaru Emoto’s experiment. A Japanese researcher who exposed music, spoken words, pictures and videos to water. After that, he crystallized the water. The result was that he always observed beautiful crystals after giving good words (like thank you, happiness, love, gratitude and so on). On the other hand, he observed disfigured crystals in the opposite situation exposed to harmful and destructive words. He believes that everything is a combination of energetic vibration. And now imagine that our body is filled with 60% of water. Our thoughts have an influence and an impact on our body and health.”

Sending you some humming good vibes.

Yours, AnnA

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