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The "just do it" attitude for a better life

Updated: May 10, 2023

My dear listener,

Here is a little outtake:

Hi, I'm Anna Jelen, also called The Time Expert.

My podcast channel is about self-development, the big questions and time management à la Anna. I am flattered to be in your ears.

I wonder what you are doing right now? Jogging? Cooking? Driving? Walking? I once got tagged in a video on Instagram, and it was so funny to hear my voice coming out from the stereo system in a car in Argentina. Feel free to let me know where you are listening to me. You can tag me on Instagram; my name is: annathetimeexpert

Back to our topic today, where we honour the "just do it" persons. The fluffily and easygoing individuals - who you might even call: naive.

Once upon a time, one of my best friends called me naive.

He did not expect that I would say ", Oh thank you "- because, in my eyes, my naivität is my superpower.

Before I tell you why, let's look at the word naivety.

Naivety refers to an apparent or actual lack of experience and sophistication.

I would add this: being naive also means trusting yourself to manage the situation.

But the best way to describe naively comes here:

The root naïve is a French adjective meaning "natural, just born." Because it suggests innocence or ignorance, naivete is often associated with children who lack experience and knowledge. But plenty of adults, too, display a certain amount of naivete when they make assumptions based on ignorance, an inability to grasp a situation, or a tendency to oversimplify complex things.

I wouldn't call myself naive. I see myself with a "just do it" attitude.

The most common phrases in my vocabulary are: Yeah, why not!

Or: Okay, I can do that!

Or: Let's try! Let's do this!"

Duration: 14 minutes

Enjoy this episode!

Yours, Anna

Find out more about me on:

Duration: 14 minutes

Enjoy and feel free to live your thoughts as a comment - so that we all can read it. Thank you!

Yours, Anna

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