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A true story. Well...almost.

This episode is a bit different than the others, it’s about a unique encounter I made the other day. It’s up to you my dear listener, to believe the story, or not. I know, what I have seen and heard. And if you have ever been to Sweden, I suppose you believe in magic and you will understand that the story I’m about to tell you – is true. True in the world of magic. A little outtake: “There are traditional forests, and there are magical forests. If it’s a traditional forest, no difference will be remarked. But when you enter a magic forest, there is a shift. Some may think it’s hard to notice, but oh no, it’s more than evident, because the colour changes immediately. Even on a rainy day, where the whole world seems monochrome, if you enter a magic forest, oh dear, you will notice! The moss which covers the ground, stones, branches and even trees shines in it’s greenest green. Everywhere you look, there is only one colour, but in all the different nuances: Emerald green, lime green, olive green, apple green, basil green, parrot green. Green is the colour of hope; the result is that you feel good on the spot.”

In a week, I’m back. Wherever you are, I hope you are doing well. I’m sending you mystic vibes, my best wishes and a big magic invisible hug, AnnA

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