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Thanks to my soulmate, we enter this important topic about friendship and friends. Welcome. A little outtake: “I have had many stories with and about friendship. I have made friends. I have lost friends. Once I even borrowed friends. But that’s another story. The definition of friends was easier many many years ago. We lived in community; we cooked, worked, lived and died together. Today is different. Friends are scattered around the world. We can build friendships through the internet. Friendship has changed. But also the way we live has changed. Today, we often live in our little cocoons. Is there anything wrong with this? I don’t know. I only believe that oneself should one day think about this topic. Today might be the day, where you re-define friendship for yourself. I mean, when is a friend a friend? Let’s find out…“

This was Diabolo, one of my best friends.

(middle photo: me in my bus. He stood there until I went to bed)

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